Sunday, January 1, 2012

Bringing in the New Year

It seems like I just adjusted to writing the year 2011 and here we are with 2012 upon us.  I have had many ideas flow through my head about what I want out of this new year.  I want fewer hassles and troubles and more blessings and opportunities to help others.  Last year my husband fell and shattered his wrist while out doing routine yard work, Thanksgiving week feasts were replaced with a stomach virus, and bronchitis blew in during the Christmas holiday break.

This year I have a big list of things to get done:
  • I want my family to have a significant spiritual growth.  I believe our relationship with the LORD is the most important one to invest our time and energy in, all others will follow suit.
  • I am seeking physical health and wellness for my entire family.  We have much excess weight to shed and need more physical activity.  The older we get, the more exercise is needed to maintain fitness.  I use to feel strong and solid, but now I feel weak and fragile.  I do not desire a luxurious vain physique, but I do want to be a good steward of this body the LORD gave me.
  • I want to be wise with my time and spend more of it productively and less of it looking at the TV or reading Facebook.  My in-laws are becoming more and more needy everyday and it is quite possible that we may become their care-takers this year.  This situation needs lots of prayers.  We do not have any answers, but we know the Lord has us all in His hands.
  • I want to merge into online instructing and prepare myself to be home with my daughter next Fall.  She will be graduating this May and since she has Down syndrome, she will need to continue a learning routine at home.  I will have to construct a routine for her that will benefit the housework, hobby-farm, & her living-skills while allowing me to contribute to the income.
  • I want to de-clutter my surroundings.  We down-sized in space, but still are bursting at the seams.  I want to have a bit more elbow room, but also organize and purge the unused items we have surrounding us.  After hurricane Katrina destroyed about 40% of our possessions, we became less attached to things.  We grew again in space over the years and last year we down-sized by half.  I still love crafting and re-purposing items, but I have to be very picky about what I hold on to or things can pile up quickly waiting for me to find the time to complete a new project. 
This year has just gotten started, but I have high hopes.  I plan to be very busy, but enjoy every minute of it.  I want to cherish all of my time with my family and friends.  None of us are promised tomorrow.  We need to always be focused on loving the LORD and His children. 
If you have any great organizational tips, please share them.  I am always open to new and creative ideas.  God Bless you and I pray your New Year is full of love and grace...In Jesus mighty name!

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